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  1. Hi, we received a cat last Friday , I think he really looks like your cat . He is a male fix at least 6 years old . I took pictures

    1. I tried messaging you.. I believe I found your cat. Lapierre Street in the GES parking lot. between dufresne and Cordner. I unfortunately could not keep him inside because of my dog.. but I`m keeping an eye on friendly kitty and will hope to hear from you soon. PS. I`m not wanting the money.. just hope its your roo and he`s warm with people he loves.

      1. Omggg do you have a photo? Can you call me? Do you know if he is inside in someones houe at least? Is he still wearing his collar? So many questions. So many thoughts crossed my mind!!! You can text me at 514-2435621!

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