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After many requests, I’m sharing with you my very simple method to find your missing companion cat, if he is still alive, thanks to this method you have the best chance to find him, and quickly… I’ve used this method during over twenty years of field experience, being a volunteer for animal welfare, and I’ve decided to share it with you, I hope this will stay online as long as possible because it will be very useful for people who have lost their cat or kitten.

Whether you have lost your cat nearby or elsewhere, his reaction will be to immediately hide, especially if he doesn’t know the environment where he has become stray, if he knows the area it can happen following a shock, pain, fright, in the early stages of illness, giving him fever, disturbing his hearing, his sight, etcetera…

The method is simple; at nightfall, call in a very high and clear voice, every fifteen to twenty minutes, for a 5 full minutes, and this every half hour minimum, during at least 3 hours, this would be at least 6 times each evening, and if you like, personally, I call every twenty minutes for a 5 good minutes.

Do this calmly, but strongly (don’t mind the neighbors up to 10 pm), there is no noise at night, at dusk a few hours later, call non stop every half hour minimum, each time for 5 minutes. You will start again each night for ten days if necessary. In general, your cat will hear you the first night, but not move, identify you the second night, and identify where your voice is coming from and will then attempt to get significantly closer when he understands that he can rely on your voice to reorient himself and return, then he will start the longest walk if he’s injured, weakened, it might be difficult, but he’ll return, even on 3 legs.

You must be persistent, so that he gains confidence, he may have lost several pounds, in general, he’ll be within 250 or 300 meters of the place where he was lost, and will hear further during the night, voice carries, you shouldn’t be afraid to call his name.

Do not leave the starting point or, if you do, you have to call from outside the circle of search inwards only, otherwise you’ll keep your cat farther away and this is not the goal.

Why does it work?

Simply because a cat lives in a world of known smells and sounds, so if he is lost or if he can’t see well due to a shock, or other reason, he won’t find his odors, his marks and so becomes lost, sometimes 50 meters from home or closer, and might panic and hide in a corner, a basement, a pile of wood, under a car, or step etc. This works, even after a month of absence, all because it’s repetitive, at the same times at night, and lasts long enough for your cat to hear you and understand that the sounds will be repeated every night, why at night?

Because in the night sounds carry much farther, during the calm, your voice will carry several hundred meters, while during the day noises muffle your voice and it will be a waste of time getting him to hear you…

A gentleman in my village found his cat after three months of disappearance, this is currently our longest record, he came back, very weak but he came back. I want to end on a hopeful note because you have to have guts, out there in the night, hoping your cat is waiting for you, perhaps it’s not too late, even six months, one year later.

He could be being fed by a neighbor, who does not know he’s yours, and a cat doesn’t see well, especially blurry beyond 6 meters, he doesn’t distinguish colours the same as us, and wanders in a relatively gray world of smells, and so is easily lost and often not far from home.

If you have a little patience, a lot of love, and a good voice that carries a little, not afraid to call and throw out your voice in the night, and with a bit of luck you’ll find your cat…

This technique is very reliable and works very well, it will cost you 5 minutes of your life every twenty minutes, a few nights in your life, and you’ll find your sweet companion who’s lost in the night, who must be scared. If you do, at least you will have tried. A lot of people have benefited in my village, it works fine, don’t necessarily expect him the first or second night, persevere for a minimum of ten days.

I would also tell people who have moved that a cat needs several months to make its new marks, and we shouldn’t let a cat out in his new garden upon arrival. Expect a minimum of one month and a half to three months, more if you can, before letting him out, and don’t forget to vaccinate, sterilize and tattoo (microchip) above all, before letting him out.

I gain nothing to help you find your cat and that’s happiness !!!!… If you have a garden, leave a bowl outside, with food and water, also put posters everywhere with a photo of your cat and your phone number, in shops in the area, call to veterinarians and firefighters to notify them of your lost animal and leave your contact information, etc…

Mlle Patricia Franckhauser  Responsable de PA dans le Var, creator of the “Simple method to find your lost cat”


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